Lori Graham Bakker, is a Mom, grandmother, wife, founder and President of Lori’s House, and the co-host of The Jim Bakker Show.  Her presence at Morningside brings to light the power of God’s hand and heart as she offers her Biblical and experienced wisdom and insight to thousands.

“I have always loved ministering to women, and this show is a prophecy coming to pass to have my heart touch the hearts of women worldwide.”

If you need encouragement, keeping it real, a smile at the challenges we face day to day and how to keep Jesus at the center of it all, please join us every Wednesday on the PTL Network!

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Biblical Beauty - Lisa Hill & Lori Martin Gregory

Join Lori and her special guests Lisa Hill and Lori Martin Gregory as they unveil their new product, Biblical Beauty. These natural oils are made in the Holy Land and consist of only the cleanest and purest ingredients. This collaboration of love, friendship, faith and trust, was designed to bless the world in the biblical tradition of God’s pharmacopeia. Learn about the Natural Anointing Oil, Natural Face Serum and Natural Body Oil. Biblical Beauty - Prepare for Greatness. See the Biblical Beauty affiliate on The Jim Bakker Show website for more details!

Airdate: February 4th 2024

Recent Episodes

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